What information do I need to send to Ergoneers to be able to replicate a software bug?

Manual export of a study If the built-in export function fails or you want to export the database without the video files, you can do this by coping the corresponding files manualy. All database files of D-Lab a stored  inside the folder C:\data\db. One study consists of one or more files. All files of a study have the same name and different extensions (.ns, .0, .1, .2, etc.). To export a study copy all of these files to a different location or add them to an archive (.zip file). The files should not be renamed  and please make sure that you do not modify any files in the C:\db\files directory.

Notes By default Windows Explorer hides file extensions of known files. Under some circumstances this could affect the database files. If you find files without extension in the database folder please deactivate that option in Windows Explorer. If you changed the default database location of D-Lab please use that location instead of C:\data\db. Compressing the database into a .zip archive saves a lot of space but could take some time.

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