What is the difference betweek D-Lab eye tracking head-mounted Essential and Professional?

In our D-Lab Eye-Tracking Head-Mounted software we differentiate between two different levels: “Essential” and “Professional”. The difference between those two levels is basically our patented marker technology for automated data analysis regarding glances towards Areas of Interest. In D-Lab Eye-Tracking Head-Mounted Essential you have to analyze the gaze data manually. Therefore our D-Lab software jumps from fixation to fixation and you code manually at what Area of Interest the subject is looking at.
With the D-Lab Eye-Tracking Head-Mounted Professional module, you can put small reference markers (similar to QR codes) in the environment which our software detects by image processing. This allows you to draw either static or dynamic Areas of Interest (like drawing polygons in PowerPoint) and D-Lab calculates automatically the glances towards those Areas of Interest.
This patented marker technology for hugely time-saving automated gaze data analysis is absolutely unique and differentiates us from all other Eye-Tracking vendors!

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