D-Lab cannot start and show the error "Database required! Try to reconnect?"

This error message can appear if D-Lab has not been closed properly. Please do the following:

1. Open the task-manager and end the process "mongod"

2. Go to C:\data\db (default) and cut (NOT delete) all folders and the 5 files called:

      - AppData.ns

      - AppData.0

      - Local.ns

      - Local.0

      - mongod.lock

 ......and save them on your desktop.

3. Open D-Lab

4. You can delete the cut files if D-Lab starts properly now.

These steps will delete some settings, the layout and the configuration of a incomming Data Stream, but none of the recorded data.

Please make sure that you don't delete any other files in the C:\data\db that has the names of your D-Lab studies. Otherwise we cannot restore this data.


In case this does not solve the issue, please contact the Ergoneers Support (support@ergoneers.com).

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2017-09-21 16:10
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