The scene camera video of my Dikablis Professional appears black in D-Lab although the eye cameras work. How can I fix this?

o Is the lens cover on? o Do the eye cameras work?  Yes: • Disconnect and reconnect reconnect / use a  different USB 3.0 port / restart D-Lab / reboot  computer • If the problem persists: o Check whether your port is USB 3 or USB 2 (e.g. with "USB Tree View"). o If the port is a USB 2 port:  Try a different port  Update USB driver (Windows, motherboard)  Replace USB cable  No: • Check all connections (plug, power, ...) • Restart  D-Lab (if Dikablis crashed) • Change the USB port (if USB drivers have crashed) • Restart Windows (if USB drivers have completely crashed)

In rare cases, it may happen that the order of connetion has an impact on the displayed image. Please  first connect the USB port of Dikablis glasses to the computer before connecting the power supply.

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