What is the difference between D-Lab and D-Lab Mini? Which one(s) do I need?

D-Lab is a flexible measurement and analysis software platform which allows synchronous recording and analysis of different types of data.

D-Lab Mini is a lighter version of D-Lab for the Dikablis Professional Wireless Eye-Tracking Glasses. This works as follows:
• The tablet (which runs D-Lab Mini) streams the data in realtime to a PC that runs D-Lab3
• With D-Lab3 on the PC, one can see the subject´s gaze behavior in real-time
• One can run other D-Lab3 modules on the PC in order to synchronize the gaze data with other data (such as videos or data from a driving simulator).
• While recording, the data is also stored on the tablet (in order to make sure no data gets lost due to bad WiFi connection between tablet and PC
•All eye-tracking data can be downloaded to the PC from the tablet after recording

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