How do I calibrate a test subject/participant with the Dikablis Professional Glasses in D-Lab3?

The calibration wizard guides you through 3 steps, with directions for each step. In the 3rd step, please have the subject look at any point that lies within the highlighted quadrant (in the actual scene). The gaze point could be displayed anywhere on the screen since the calibration has not taken effect yet. When the subject looks at the point, please click on the same point in the image you see in D-Lab. The next quadrant will then be highlighted. Follow the same procedure until all four quadrants are exhausted. At the end of the four points, you will see that the calibration has been applied and can be tested by asking the subject to look at different points/objects in the scene.

Note: While performing calibration, please pay attention to the eye camera videos on the right hand panel of the calibration window. It is important that the pupil is accurately detected when you click on the points in the quadrants in order to ensure proper calibration.

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