How do I backup my data?

There are two options to backup D-Lab data:

1. Export a single study
Click "File → Export → Entiry Study" and choose a location. The study is saved as a .D-LabExp file including videos and the database of one single study. You can import this file in D-Lab again with the import function and use it as full backup or to transfer data to an other D-Lab machine for analysis.

2. Copy the folder "data" for a complete backup
 The default storage of D-Lab is "C:\data". Here all studies, visible on the start screen of D-Lab are saved. For a full backup, e.g. before a software update, it is possible to copy the whole folder "data" and save it on an external hard drive.

To open the saved data again, change its name back to "C:\data" or adjust the path in the setting.xml.

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