Current press releases

Don’t let yourself get distracted – How behavioral observation under real-world conditions improves interaction between drivers and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
February 2018The range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in new cars is constantly growing – and not just since connected cars and autonomous driving has come increasingly to the fore of the automotive industry...

Press releases 2017

Smaller, lighter, more comfortable: Eye-tracking at the highest level.
November 2017Mobile tracking devices allow afield behavioral and ergonomic research under real-life conditions. In doing so, however, it is essential that the test persons behave as normally as possible and are not distracted by the devices. Thanks to new features, the current model of the Dikablis Glasses 3 from Ergoneers is hardly noticeable to the wearer and facilitates unaltered behavioral studies to the greatest extent.

Using Smartphones at the Wheel Means Traveling Blind for Nine Seconds Out of Ten
January 2017One in ten accidents in Germany is caused by a distracted driver. Experts believe the main culprit is using smartphones at the wheel. If the driver is also using their cellphone to read or even write messages, the risk of an accident increases by a factor of 164...

Press releases 2016 / 2015

AutonomouStuff teams up with Ergoneers
June 2016AutonomouStuff — known for providing the world's best autonomy enabling technologies and unrivaled customer service — has entered into a working partnership with Ergoneers GmbH. The partnership allows AutonomouStuff to provide Ergoneers’ Eye-Tracking technologies, ...

Eye Tracking and Motion Capturing Combined
March 2016Ergoneers, vendor of a complete software and hardware platform for behavioral research, will be working more closely with Qualisys, the manufacturer of motion-capturing systems, with immediate effect. This will now allow the powerful Dikablis eye tracker from Ergoneers ...

Using smartphones at the wheel increases the risk of accidents
February 2015Ten percent of road traffic accidents occur because the driver is distracted – and increasingly so by their own smartphones. Just how dangerous constantly looking at smartphone messages from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp while driving can be ...

D-Lab Special Offer to Mark 10 Years of Ergoneers
October 2015Customers who purchase the D-Lab platform, comprising a measurement and an analysis module, will receive a free additional analysis module to mark the company’s 10th anniversary. This will allow customers with this analysis license to start evaluating data at a second ...