Tobii Pro Glasses 2 work with D-Lab

  • Synchronous recording of eye tracking data from Tobii Pro eye trackers with other data channels
  • Live view and automated marker based calculation of glances towards AOIs
  • Online visualization and sending trigger based on gazes in AOIs and metrics calculation
  • Visualization like heat map, gaze path or shadow map in addition to other AOI visualizations
  • All metrics are available in raw format and can be easily exported
  • Calculation of dependencies of sensor metrics with the D-Lab module “Scripting Language”*

* Must be purchased separately

D-Lab 3.5 software platform for behavioral research enables the use of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 wearable Eye Tracker

There is no doubt that eye tracking data is still the most valuable indicator for the interpretation of human behavior. The Eye Tracking Module of the behavioral research software platform D-Lab for years already comes with unique features such as automatic AOI-based gaze analysis, metric calculations according to the current ISO-standards, access to all raw data and many more. With the new D-Lab 3.5 release coming up in November 2016, D-Lab now enables all Tobii Pro Glasses 2 users to benefit from exactly all these advantages of D-Lab. From now on the data created with your Tobii Pro Glasses 2 can be part of the big picture of human behavior created by D-Lab.


D-Lab in general works as a platform which enables you to combine different kind of sensors (video, physiology, network- or automotive CAN-data, etc.), store the outcoming data synchronously, observe and analyze them on one single customized surface and generate standard metrics and visualizations. D-Lab offers a standard interface for a certain range of third party hardware, which can be easily connected. The different variants of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 can be easily connected to our D-Lab Eye Tracking Module, which enables a combination of both worlds.

Find out more about D-Lab Eye Tracking Head Mounted


– Market Research
– Usability Studies
– Behavioral Research
– Perceptual Research
– First tests of new product ideas
– Design tests
– Distraction tests in automotive environments

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