Ergoneers app

The Ergoneers “SensorConnect” app enables users to receive data from a device connected to the app (e.g. Empatica E4) via mobile phone and send data to the software platform D-LAB. The transmitted data can be recorded and analyzed (e.g. eye tracking, audio, etc.) synchronously with other behavioral data in D-Lab. The data of the portable sensors is transmitted via a Bluetooth connection. Further processing of the data and transmission to D-Lab requires a WLAN connection.

SensorConnect App

The new SensorConnect app from Ergoneers is available free of charge in the Playstore. Required Android version: 7.1 or higher


– Live View in D-LAB
– Measurement of heart rate variability, GSR, skin temperature by Empatica E4 wristband
– Acquisition of GPS data and pedometer
– Simplest handling by automatic connection with D-LAB
– Minimal effort through automatic configuration of D-LAB by SensorConnect

How the app works

Application examples

– Evaluation of driver information and assistance systems
– Market research
– Ergonomics
– Aircraft research
– Railway research
– Usability
– Behavioral research
– Perceptual research
– Surveillance rooms
– Design Clinics
– Teaching and learning research
– Sports/biomechanics research
– Medical research
– Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
– Architecture/Buildings/Exhibition Investigation
– Vehicle Research (cars, trucks, construction site vehicles, work vehicles)

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