The Ergoneers SensorConnect App enables a smartphone to receive data of attached devices (e.g. Empatica E4) and stream this data to D-Lab, where it can be recorded together with other Sensor-Data (e.g. Eye-Tracking)


Currently supported devices

The currently supported devices and the data that can be obtained fromt hem is shown in the following list:


Important notes

– In order to ensure a proper performance of the App, please turn of the auto-rotate function of the mobile phone (screen rotation).
– Bluetooth Access has to be granted to SensorConnect. The App will ask for permission in case it is not granted and opens the necessary settings dialog.
– In case an Empatic E4 shall be used, it has to be registered at Ergoneers GmbH. Please contact in order to register your Empatica E4.
– Mobile Phone and D-Lab Computer are connected via Wifi. Therefore, both devices need to be connected to the same network.
– The Empatica Wristband is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Configuring D-Lab

In D-Lab a Datastream connection needs to be configured to receive, interpret and record the data sent by the SensorConnect App. Therefore proceed as follows:
1. Open D-Lab
2. Open an existing Study or creat a new one
3. Make sure you are in Plan Mode
4. Configure a Datastream via the recording-Devices Window

Open Datastrem Configuration Menu
In the Recording-Devices-Window left-click on next to “Datastream” to open the Datastream Configuration Menu.

Datastream Name
Enter a name for the Datastream (e.g. SensorConnect)

IP-Adresse and Port
D-Lab opens a Server to which the SensorConnect App sends data. Select the IP-Address for the server from the dropdown menu, and enter a port-number.

Expected Datachannels
To receive data from the SensorConnect App every channel that is sent by the App needs to be defined. The channels must be defined in the order in which the data is sent by the App. The order can be changed by draging&dropping single datachannels to another position.

New channel
Left-Click on  to add a data-channel.

Confirm Channel Configuration
Left-Click on to confirm the Channel Configutration.

Configuring Sensorconnect

In the SensorConnectApp the Datastream-Connection connection needs to be configured to send Data to D-Lab. Therefore proceed as follows:

Open SensorConnect Menu
Tap on to open the Settings menu.

Open D-Lab settings
Tap on to open the D-Lab Settings Menu that contains the configuration of the Datastream-Connection.

D-Lab settings
Tap to open D-Lab settings.

Enter Connection Settings
Tap on IP-Address and / or Port to adjust the connection settings.

IP Address
Enter the IP-Address that was selected for the SensorConnect-Datastream in D-Lab (siehe Configuring D-Lab)

Enter the Port that was selected for the SensorConnect-Datastream in D-Lab (siehe Configuring D-Lab)

Once the Datastream-Connection is configured correctly and both applications (D-Lab and Sensor-Connect) are running, the connection is established automatically.

– In D-Lab the status of the Datastream switches from to
– In the SensorConnect App the Status of the D-Lab connection switches from to

Connect Empatica E4 to SensorConnect

When the SensorConnect App is started, it is waiting for a connection to the Empatica Wristband. This is indicated by a flashing, light blue watch icon.

Watch Icon: If the Icon is flashing in a light-blue colour, SensorConnect is waiting for the connection to an Empatica E4.

Bluetooth Icon: A light-blue Bluetooth icon is also indicating that the bluetooth-connection is awaiting a connection.

Empatica E4: Turn on the Empatica E4 Wristband by pressing the Power-Button for about 1s. The Empatica will start flashing green until it is connected. Once connected the light will be turned off.

Watch Icon: Once the connection between the Empatica E4 and SensorConnect is established, the watch icon will stop flashing and turn to a dark blue. Values for Heartrate, Accleeration and GPS will be shown on the Homescreen of the App.

Start Datastreaming: Press the -Button to start streaming Data to D-Lab.

Stream Data from SensorConnect to D-Lab

In order to stream data to and record the data in D-Lab the following prequisites must be met:

– Connection between D-Lab and SensorConnect is established  (siehe Configuring D-Lab & Configuring SensorConnect)
– Empatica E4 Wristband is connected to SensorConnect and data is received (siehe Connect Empatica mit der SensorConnect)

Empatica E4 Wristband is connected to SensorConnect and data is received -Button on the home-screen of the SensorConnect App. Once Data is streamed it can be recorded, visualized and processed in D-Lab.