Real world study
Motion & eye tracking

  • Eye Tracker works over glasses or sun glasses
  • Synchronously recording of Eye Tracking with motion data
  • FullHD scene Video
  • Scripting Language to build relations between different data channels
  • Motion system works in shielded environment like in cars

Real world data in lab quality

More and more studies are performed in the real world and it requires robust equipment to get reliable data. Our eye tracker Dikablis Glasses and our software platform D-LAB are made for full mobility and enable our clients to turn the world into a lab. We recently added a new category of sensors to get even more insights into a human’s behavior: Motion Measurement.

The MVN Awinda full body motion measurement from Xsens system can now stream in data like joint angles into D-LAB. The data is recorded synchronously with the eye tracking data and glance behavior can be analyzed in relation to motion or any other data channels which are synchronously recorded too. Examples of these data channels can be Physio, Video or simply the CAN Bus data of a car.

The video below shows a recent recording from eye tracking and motion data to analyze the head rotation when driving a car. It can be used for HMI analysis or simply to understand maximum, minimum or average head movements. Of course all other joint angles are available as well.


In the example of the video above, the eye tracker, the motion capturing system and the laptop are powered by batteries. A continuous recording of more than 1h is possible. Due to the full mobility, the calibration of the two systems can be done beforehand.

All connected sensors stream in their data to our sensor fusion software D-LAB. The data is recorded in raw format to have evidence at any time that it is valid and genuine. D-LAB makes sure the data is recorded in sync and enables the study administrator to control the recording via a freely configurable live view. Both systems work with wireless transmission and – depending on the environment – recording distances of 50m or more are possible.

After recording the different data channels can be viewed and analyzed individually or in relation.

The Scripting Language which is built into D-LAB helps to find meaningful events or build relations between the different data channels.


– Assessment of driving behavior
– Biomechanical analysis
– HMI design
– Rehabilitation
– Sport Science
– Education

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