GPS Function D-Lab

  • GPS data on map or chart
  • Synchronous recording with other data such as eye tracking or physiological data
  • Calculation of speed from GPS data
  • Scripting Language allows link between GPS data with other channels
  • USB GPS sensor or Ergoneers SensorConnect APP can be used as data source

Map or line chart display of GPS data in D-LAB

The “Longitude” and “Latitude” data provided by a GPS sensor can be visualized by D-LAB directly on a map or as a line chart. This is done in real time during recording or after the recording is finished in analysis mode. The zoom factor can be set in the map display and thus, in addition to the current position, the distance travelled can also be displayed as a path. This function quickly shows where the subject was at what point in time and which movement pattern can be derived from this. The SensorFusion platform D-LAB also provides a scripting language. With this, relations between the different recorded channels can be established and complex situations can be analyzed easily.


If studies do not take place in the laboratory but in the real world, then it is not only important how the subjects behave but where this behaviour can be observed. In the past it was difficult to record both synchronously and to get a complete picture of the situation.
With D-LAB Connect it is now possible to display the data of different GPS sensors directly on a map. The latitude and longitude coordinates, which are otherwise difficult to interpret, now show directly on a map where the test person is and what distance she/he has covered. In addition, the coordinates can also be used to find out whether a test person has reached a specific GPS position. It is also possible to calculate the speed from the GPS data.
Ergoneers provides the Android APP SensorConnect free of charge for all customers in the Google Playstore. The APP transmits the GPS coordinates of the smartphone to D-LAB.


Minimal requirement:
– GPS Sensor or Android Smartphone with SensorConnect APP
– D-LAB Connect module

Download D-Lab Flyer Download D-Lab Connect module flyer


– Real-World Studies
– Studies where movement patterns are important
– Sports studies
– Motion analysis
– NDS (Naturalistic Driving Studies)
– Traffic management system development
– Market research

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