Faster analysis of
eye tracking data

  • Free markers provided with D-Lab Professional as PDF
  • Marker can be printed out in the size needed
  • Accelerates the analysis of Eye Tracking data
  • Possibility to bind almost a unlimited number of AOIs on a marker
  • Infrared Marker available for studies in dark environments
  • Infrared Marker can be powered by battery or power supply

Automatic glance calculation with marker technology saves time

Our marker technology helps to tremendously accelerate the analysis of Eye Tracking data and get the statistical metrics in minutes. By just clicking a button D-Lab calculates metrics like number of glances, mean glance duration, AOI attention rate, number of fixations and many more. For studies in dark environment (simulator, night, etc) we offer Infrared Marker which come with the same capabilities like our standard paper markers. With D-Lab analyzing eye tracking data frame-by-frame becomes history.


We integrated automatic image recognition in our Software Platform D-Lab. Our markers (they look a bit like a QR-code) are automatically and in realtime detected if they are visible in the scene camera. It is possible to bind a number of AOIs on each of the markers. Each marker creates its own coordinate system and as long as the relation between the marker and the AOI doesn’t change the eye tracking statistic can be calculated automatically for all participants within a study. Because our markers establish a world coordinate system it even doesn’t matter from which angle the participant is looking into an AOI. The marker itself doesn’t have to be attached to the AOI. It just has to be visible to the scene camera. This also works for moving objects which have to be moved as long as the marker is attached to the object (like a mobile phone).


– Automatic analysis of Eye Tracking Studies
– Automatic calculation of more than 25 eye tracking metrics
– Export of calculated Eye Tracking Data
– Calculation of stacked AOIs

More information about the usage of markers at night can be found here:

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