Ergoneers App "Sensorconnect" &

  • Synchronous recording of physio data together with other data (e.g. eye tracking)
  • Live View
  • Time saving because of quick and easy use of the Empatica wristband
  • Record of: skin conductance, heart rate, interbeat-interval, skin temperature, pulse, acceleration
  • Huge variety of metrics and visualizations in D-LabPhysio data are available in raw format and can be exported easily
  • Calculations of dependencies between physio and other data with D-Lab “Scripting Language”*

* offered seperately

New Ergoneers App enables connection of E4 wristband of Empatica

Physiological data like heartrate, skin conductance and skin temperature are feasible to get deep insights about humans’ behavior. The information about someone’s physiological condition in specific situations together with other data like gaze behavior enables researchers and developers to get an overall understanding about someone interacting in different environments. The new Integration of the E4 Wristband of Empatica enables a quick and easy collection and analyzation of physiological data synchronously with video-, audio- or eye tracking data in any different test environment.

Tech stuff

Data is transmitted online to D-Lab and can be observed synchronously together with other behavioral data. The data transmission works with the new Ergoneers App “SensorConnect”.


For a study using the Empatica product you need the following components:
– E4 Wristband
– Smartphone (operating system)
– Ergoneers App “SensorConnect”
– D-Lab Physio module

Other data like gaze behavior can be synchronously recorded together with physio data from the E4 wristband.

Learn more about the E4 wristband from Empatica.


– Market research
– Usability studies
– Behavioral research
– Awareness studies
– First tests of new product ideas
– Design tests
– Driver distraction studies

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