Real car studies with
D-Lab and Mobileye

  • Sychronous storage of mobileye data with other behavioral data (e.g. eye tracking)
  • Quick and easy integration of the mobileye system
  • Live view of driving – and mobileye data
  • Synchronous reply of all captured data
  • Multiple visualization possibilities in the analyzation mode for interpretation
  • Integrated scripting language to calculate metrics and combine different sensor data

The Integration of driving performance data and information about the environment from mobileye in D-Lab provides a holistic overview of the driver-vehicle interaction.
Traffic signs, road markings and pedestrians crossing the street can be detected via mobileye. In addition to that the Mobileye system delivers data about lane deviation and distance to the car in front. The combination of the driving performance and data from sensors for driver’s behavior like eye tracking, physio data or video observation provides a holistic overview of the current driving situation. This enables a deeper interpretation of the driving behavior.


An optical sensor in the Mobileye works as third eye and analyzes synchronously the environment of the vehicle.
By using the D-Lab CAN Bus module the created information, like speed limit or distances to objects and lane limitation, can be analyzed in real time together with other sensors, which are connected to D-Lab.
The mobileye integration additionally enables the storage of other data like speed, breaking pedal or indicator coming directly from the CAN-bus.
The vehicle testing kit (VTK) provides the relevant hardware platform for a quick and easy usage in a car.


-Studies in cars and trucks
-Real car studies
-Naturalistic driving studies (NDS)

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