New physio equipment
in D-Lab

Thought Technologies Physio Equipment in D-Lab 3.5

The measurement of physiological data like e.g. pulse, respiration, EMG or skin conductance are meaningful add-ons to common proven objective research data like eye movement or video observation to get an holistic overview of someone’s behavior. The new D-Lab 3.5 provides an interface for physiological sensors to draw conclusions from the brain activity (NIRS), muscle activity (EMG), respiration or heart frequency via an easy to use plug and play solution.

How does it work?

D-Lab is made to record and analyse different sensors such as eye trackers, video cameras, microphones, physiological devices, any network data via TCP/IP or the CAN bus of a car synchronously. It can easily handle different frequencies and supports you to analyse all data channels. The D-Lab Physio module  from now on supports the physiological sensors fromThought Technology via a plug and play interface.

Product Highlights

– Record a number of physiological data streams synchronously with other data (e.g. Eye Tracking)
– Setup time in less than 5 minutes
– Live visualization in Diagrams
– Synchronous play back all recorded Data
– Calculation of statistical metrics
– Access to all raw data


– Driver’s mental workload measurement according to different traffic situations
– Mental workload measurement for interface design porpuses
– Physiological analyses of sport applications
– Market research and commercial testing
– Human-Machine-Interaction (Usability Tests)
– Biomechanics and medical applications

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