Don’t lose sight of what matters

  • Analyse and evaluate person, car and infrastructure
  • Works for simulator, realword and naturalistic driving studies
  • Fully synchronous recording of all data channels
  • Great variety of input sensor
  • Plots traveled route on maps

Measure different data channels and and analyze without hassle

Policy makers, administrators, researcher, practitioners and members of the government have something in common: They need good data to build their decisions on. With our software D-LAB we provide the tool to build a smart and sustainable transportation for the future.

With synchronous data collection analysis of behavior becomes easy. From big data sets to an individual’s behavior or a combination of the two our built in analytics are easy to use and powerful. In addition, D-Lab provides the ability to build relationships between data sets and create custom calculations. From understanding the best placement of signage to lessen distraction, gaining a better understanding within safety studies, and more D-Lab presents the whole picture so you can make the most informed choices.

Sensor and Data Sets

Depending on your needs, Ergoneers is a full service provider of both industry leading behavioral software and a wide array of sensors to collect valuable data. Vehicle CAN interfaces, cognitive workload sensors, and many more data sets allows you to have everything needed to measure human behavior and determine the reasons for that behavior. Data related to excitement, engagement, stress, and others can be crucial for understanding what is really going on. For other behavior such as big data relationships we provide an open interface for any TCP/IP based data utilizing standard formatting. For large scale projects we can even provide a number of computing solutions including laptops and our all in one Vehicle Testing Kit, perfect for real world or naturalistic driving studies. Further, if more controlled conditions are desired we are also the provider for simulator solutions, VR/AR based options, and even motion tracking in or out of vehicles. Have some data? Our team is experienced and ready to help with integrating that data into the larger picture.

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– Real-World Studies
– Studies where movement patterns are important
– Motion analysis
– NDS (Naturalistic Driving Studies)
– Traffic management system development

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