Combine Eye Tracking
with video observation

  • Record a number of video streams synchronously with other data (e.g. eye tracking)
  • Coding of behavior and attributes
  • Live view
  • Synchronously play back all recorded videos
  • Calculation of statistical metrics

Understand human behaviour better by using multiple sensors

Many complex research questions require a multiple sensors setup to understand human behaviour. D-Lab is exactly made for this and the most common setup is using a number of external video cameras and record them synchronously with the eye tracking data. If you decide to purchase a Dikablis Eye Tracker with D-Lab Eye Tracking, you get two video cameras and the D-Lab Video module for free*


D-Lab together with its various modules is made to record and analyse different sensors such as eye trackers, video cameras, microphones, physiological devices or the CAN bus of a car synchronously. It can easily handle if these sensors come with different frequencies and supports you to analyse all data channels synchronously. The D-Lab Video module can record up to four USB cams in sync to other sensors. All input channels can be displayed in a live view and as a study administrator you can pick and choose which devices you want to see. These channels can be played back synchronously – even with other data channels. But it is also possible to use D-Lab Video to code behaviour and set attributes. All of this can then be statistically analysed, visualized and exported.


– Look at human behaviour from different angles
– Group discussion
– Full visibility of complete scenery
– Human-Machine-Interaction (usability tests)
– Record DVI signal together with eye tracking

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