Calculate cognitive workload with ICA

  • Fully integrated in D-LAB data acquisition and analysis platform
  • Online calculation of ICA
  • Synchronously display and record ICA with other data
  • Different visualisation options
  • Scripting language enables the building of relations to other channels or sensors

The pupil as indicator for cognitive workload – seamlessly integrated in D-LAB

The pupil can tell us much more than most of us think. If we take a closer look we find out, that pupil dilation can give us information about the mental workload. A clever algorithm separates artifacts like changes due to light change from the ones that are generated by mental workload. As humans cannot influence the muscles which cause the dilation and the latency is very low, the Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) is a great indicator to measure mental workload. Ergoneers integrated the patented technology from EyeTracking Inc. in D-LAB, the software platform for behavioral research. From now on it’s possible to get information about cognitive workload of your test persons together with the eye tracking data.


Our Eye Trackers Dikablis Glasses 3 and Dikablis Professional were calibrated to work with the software Workload RT from EyeTracking Inc. Pupil data recorded by our Dikablis system will be calculated in D-LAB and transferred in real-time to Workload RT. Based on this data Workload RT can calculate the ICA for the last second. This calculated ICA value is given back to D-LAB. The value is always between 0 and 1. The higher this value, the higher the cognitive workload of the test person.

More about Eye Tracking Inc. and it’s technology ICA

Datasheet ICA


– Measure the level of difficulty experienced in a simulator
– Compare workload across multiple iterations of an interface
– Diagonse specific features of a task that are associated with high workload
– Demonstrate workload differences between user groups
– Determine overload during the control of vehicles (aircraft, ships, cars)
– Determine overload during monitoring of a process (e.g. control center)
– HMI Design

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