Automatic analysis
of night studies

  • Fully integrated into D-Lab data acquisition and analysis platform
  • Almost unlimited  number of AOI’s possible
  • Works at complete darkness
  • Powered by power supply or by battery

Analyze data automatically which have been recorded under bad lighting conditions

The well-established marker technology from Ergoneers supports organisations since many years to accelerate the analysis of eye tracking data. Metrics like number of glances, mean glance duration, AOI attention rate, number of fixations and many more can be calculated with just a few mouse clicks. With our new Infrared Marker (IR-Marker) it is now possible to use this technology also for studies in dark environments (driving simulator, indoor, night drives) and calculate the eye tracking metrics automatically. Time consuming frame-by-frame interpretation of studies which have been performed at bad lighting conditions now become history.


The marker emit an infrared light that is invisible to the human eye. Our software platform D-Lab can decode the infrared light and read the coordinate system which is created by each of the IR-Marker. A almost unlimited number of AOI can be bound to the each of the IR-Marker. Now glances and all the eye trackings metrics can be calculated automatically with just a few mouse clicks. The automatic analysis can therefore now be applied also at studies with bad lighting conditions or even at complete darkness.

More information about our marker technology can also be found here.


Minimal requirement:
– Infrared markers
– D-LAB Eye Tracking module
– Dikablis Eye Tracker


– HMI-Studies at night
– Studies in simulators
– Realworld Studies at night
– Studies at bad lighting conditions

More information about faster analysis of eye tracking data can be found here:

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