Automatic glance metrics calculation

  • Marker technology reduces analysis time dramatically
  • Markers available as paper or infrared markers
  • Automatic glance metrics calculation for marker bound AOIs
  • Markers can also be attached to moving objects
  • Works with Dikablis Eye Trackers and Tobii Glasses 2

Automatic Analysis of Glance Behavior

The Ergoneers marker technology supports researchers since many years to analyze eye tracking studies. All it needs is one of our markers to be visible to the scene camera and all glance metrics like number of glances, accumulated glance time, average glance time or total glance time towards defined AOIs can be calculated with just a few clicks. The markers look like QR codes and can be printed out in the size needed. For studies in simulators or in other dark environments the markers are also available as infrared markers.


Each of our free available marker creates a coordinate system. If the eye trackers scene camera can “see” one (or more) marker, the whole scenery is virtually structured into a coordinate system. AOIs can now be bound to one or various markers and as long as the relation between the marker and the AOI doesn’t change, the automatic glance metric calculation works in our Sensor Fusion Platform D-LAB.  It also works if people look from different angles or distances to the AOI. No picture needs to be taken upfront and no manual work is necessary. AOIs can be defined prior to the recording or even afterwards. Once the setup is ready, you can have as many people in your study as you want or add more AOIs if necessary.


– Eye Tracker
– D-LAB Eye Tracking
– At least one (free) marker


– Any eye tracking study
– Eye tracking studies in vehicles
– Eye tracking studies in ergonomic field
– Eye tracking studies in educational area
– Eye tracking studies in market research
– HMI design
– Mobile device design

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