Analyze football
with eye tracking

  • Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses adjustable for different head shapes and sizes
  • Full mobility
  • FullHD scene video
  • Marker technology for automatic glance statistic calculation
  • Almost unlimited number of areas of interest (AOIs)

Eye Tracking study analyzes gaze strategies when kicking Penalties

Kicking penalties is primarily a question of a soccer player’s nerves. Some shooters observe the goalkeeper and try to anticipate to which side he jumps – for kicking the ball just in the last moment into the opposite side. Other shooters want to set the keeper on the wrong track by focusing the “wrong” side during running up. A demonstration study of Ergoneers shows how easily the various penalty strategies of shooters be analyzed with an eye tracking system.


The Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses use two tiny cameras in front of the soccer player’s eyes, filming his pupil movements. Another front-facing field camera captures a section of his visual field, i.e. the area the shooter can see. The field cam’s vertical adjustability ensures that exactly the relevant area is recorded, in this case the goal and the ball lying on the penalty spot. After a quick calibration procedure the kicker’s gaze is displayed by a fixation cross in the field cam window of the software platform D-Lab. By the patented marker technology of Ergoneers the analysis of visual behavior during kicking a penalty is a cinch: The markers are simply placed at or near the goal. With a few mouse clicks the data can then be analyzed automatically. D-Lab answers questions like when, how often, and how long a shooter gazes at the keeper or the various areas of the goal.


– Sports research and sports psychology
– Walking behavior assessment on pavements
– Smart phone App design
– Mobile device interaction analysis
– Tablet usage evaluation
– Distraction calculation in cars
– Automatic analysis of eye tracking studies
– Automatic calculation of more than 25 eye tracking metrics
– Export of calculated eye tracking data
– Calculation of stacked AOIs

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