Eye Tracking
Head Mounted Displays

The integration of Dikablis eye tracking technology in Sensics Head Mounted Displays (HMD) brings together professional-grade optics, panoramic field of view and a thousand times proven eye tracking technology. It therefore fulfils the requirements of scientific research in areas such as market research, usability testing and gaze based interactions in virtual realities (VR).

Gaze behaviour in virtual realities

The perfectly in the Sensics-HMD integrated, high-precision Dikablis eye cameras are located outside the user’s field of view, and thus do not interfere with the natural eye movements of a subject into the VR world. Fully integrated into the D-Lab data acquisition and analysis software the Ergoneers solution opens VR eye tracking in areas such as usability, market research and design, in order to analyze the usability of products, a supermarket design or the effect of a vehicle exterior, for example.

Product Highlights

– Fully integrated into D-Lab data acquisition and analysis platform
– Binocular
– Eye camera Tracking frequency 30Hz (per eye)
– Resolution eye cameras 400 x 400 Pixel
– FullHD DVI Grabber included (to record the virtual scene)
– Fully integrated into dSight and supplied incl. all accessories
– D-Lab Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Essential included

Application examples

– Behavioural research in Virtual Reality
– Games testing
– Testing of virtual shelfes and virtual supermarkets
– Evaluation of virtual design concepts
– First test of new product ideas
– Tests of early interface designs
– Market research
– Design clinics
– Factory planning
– Development psychology
– Neuroscience research
– Flight safety research

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