vehicle testing kit for
real world driving studies

The Ergoneers Vehicle Testing Kit is a powerful solution for testing and benchmarking vehicles and running naturalistic driving studies. It consists of an all in one box Automotive Computer which is powered with D-Lab3 measurement and analysis modules. It is made to be used in standard vehicles and offers several connectivity options to analyse and benchmark a car together with human behaviour.

Integration – Test Drive – Data Analysis

The Vehicle Testing Kit allows to measure and analyze synchronously common driver behavioral data (Eye-Tracking, Video, Audio), driver performance data (CAN interface, Mobileye®, GPS) and experimental leader inputs (triggers, notes) using a standardized setup which is ready to use.


– Powerful all-in-one solution to easily and quickly equip test vehicles
– All components are powered by 12 volt supply from car
– Synchronously measures data from driver behavior/performance and experimental leader input
– Fast and easy installation and de-installation
– Removable hard disk for secure data export

Application solutions

The Vehicle Testing Kit is available in three different versions. Please find key components of the different versions below.

HARDWARE COMPONENTS Individual Professional Enterprise
Automotive Computer x x x
Microphones (2x) + x x
USB Video Cameras (4x) + x x
PEAK CAN Card + x x
Mobileye® Sensor + - x
GPS Sensor + - x
Dikablis Glasses 3 + - x
D-Lab Audio Professional + x x
D-Lab Video Essential + x x
D-Lab CAN Bus Essential + x x
D-Lab CAN Bus Professional + - x
D-Lab Data Stream Essential + - x
D-Lab Data Stream Professional + - x
D-Lab Eye-Tracking Head Mounted Professional + - x

“+” = Add ons

Download technical data

application examples

– Benchmark Studies
– Naturalistic Driving Studies
– Evaluation studies in real traffic
– Evaluation of driver information systems in real traffic
– Evaluation of driver assistance systems in real traffic

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