driving simulator

Ergoneers Sim-Lab is the modular and scalable solution that offers all possibilities for driving simulation – from compact one-seater simulators to modified real vehicles. The scalable simulator modules – mockup, sight and software – can be freely combined to achieve the desired fidelity. Contact us for more advanced options. Ergoneers can find a solution to meet your needs.

To best fit the needs of your research, Sim-Lab can be configured with your choice of mock-up: ranging from a modular mock-up (one or two-seater) to a real car. Our modular mock-up is fully scalable – start with what you need and easily upgrade later with more modules.

Our mock-ups are available in the following variants:

  • Compact modular mock-up with a small footprint offers great mobility
  • Design mock-up for specific design and interior requirements
  • Real car mock-up with integrated simulator technology for high fidelity

Choose the optimal mock-up for your requirements
Our mock-up solutions at a glance

– One-seater
– Two-seater
– Sheet metal construction
– Dismountable base
– Very mobile
– Upgradeable
X– Two-seater version with A-pillars
X– Two-seater version with A-Pillars, B-pillars and roof
- Two-seater
- Sheet metal frame upholstered with fabric for an elegant look
- Optional Infotainment Display
- Upgradeable with real car interior
- Upgradeable with flexible dashboard and and reconfigurable center console
- Cars and Trucks
- Haptic pedal feedback
- Realistic steering torque
- Integration of further control elements
- Connection of vehicle displays
- Possible integration of the flexible dashboard and center console also in real cars/trucks

Produkt Highlights

– Realistic steering feedback with a torque motor
– Pedals with realistic feedback
– High-resolution display for simulation of instrument cluster
– Touch-screen display for simulation of infotainment-HMI
– Safe operation of mock-ups is ensured with a fuse box and protective electrical

Choose Sim-Lab and take advantage of our flexible sight simulation modules. Depending on your requirements and budget, Sim-Lab helps you to realize all kinds of driving sceneries.

Sim-Lab offers multiple options concerning

  • Different monitor and projector capabilities
  • Display resolution
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Field of view

Choose the optimal module for your requirements
Our sight simulation modules at a glance

Front view 1-3 monitors
– Possible monitor sizes: 46“, 55“, 70“ or 75“
– Full HD up to 4k
– Up to 170° field of view depending on the size of the monitors

Front view via 1-3 shortthrow projectors and screens
– Screen size approx. 1.8 m x 1.125 m (each)
– Resolution 1280×800 px
– Up to 180° field of view

Front view via 1-3 projection screens and projectors
– Screensize approx. 3.3 m x 2.1 m (each)
– Resolution 1920×1200 px upt to 4k
– Up to 200° field of view

Displays in mirror housings
- 7“ TFT displays
- Resolution 800x480 px
- Aspect ratio 16:9

Real mirrors
- Rear view projection with real automotive mirrors
- Rear view displays embedded in automotive mirror housings

- Completely customizable depending on customers’ needs
- Curved screen
- Dome projection
- Fixed or flying screen
- Flexibility in quality, resolution and size
- One screen up to 360° surround simulation


– From a single front view monitor situation to 360° projection
– Rear view simulation with real mirrors or displays in mirror housings
– Domes for dynamic simulators or 360° sceneries

Ergoneers custom driving simulators are installed and operated with a special simulation software called Silab. It is fully flexible, expandable and scalable. Easily configured to your research needs, Silab helps you to extend your simulation environment with new functions and modules such as new sight channels or motion cueing at any time.

Silab is currently available in three different versions:

  • Silab Essential with predefined course-elements
  • Silab Professional with access to freely create and modify virtual worlds
  • Silab Enterprise with the option of integrating external software components


Choose the optimal software version for your requirements
Our software solutions at a glance

Driving Simulation
– Sound o Driving Dynamics
– Steering Torque
– Surrounding Traffic

Scenario Editor
– Lane Change Task
– AAM Course
– Predefined Scenario Library

- Features of Silab Essential
- Free design of road networks, environment, interchanges and traffic behavior
- Simple scripting of intersection-free roads with changing grades and curves
- Scenario Editor for complex road networks including crossroads and urban traffic
- Features of Silab Professional
- DPU Developer Package
- Interface Design
- Design of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
- Matlab / Simulink interface


– Simple design of freely definable course-elements
– Detailed definition of various road users
– Possible integration of display and operating elements
– Individually expandable
– Developed by researchers