Eye Tracking

Ergoneers offers a wide range of eye tracking hardware. We build the Dikablis Eye Trackers for more than 10 years and this technology is available as different head mounted eye trackers, built in Head Mounted Displays to analyze gaze behavior in the virtual reality and, for full flexibility, as a standalone hardware development kit. In addition to our own Eye Tracker we also provide Eye Tracking hardware from our technology partners.

The right eye tracking hardware for every application

Demanding research tasks require special solutions. In addition to our Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses, Ergoneers also offers connectivity for wearable and remote eye trackers of selected technology partners to the D-Lab data acquisition and analysis software by plug & play. This allows customers to combine existing eye trackers with the Ergoneers software product portfolio to enhance the capabilities of existing hardware.

Application examples

– Market research
– Ergonomics
– Vehicle research (cars, trucks, construction vehicles, utility vehicles)
– Airplane research
– Usability
– Behavioral research
– Perception research
– Design clinics
– Sports and biomechanics research
– Medical research
– Realtime gaze control
– Behavioral studies in virtual reality
– Games testing
– Evaluation of virtual design concepts
– Pre-Test of new product ideas
– Test of early interface designs
– Eye tracking integration in helmets
– Design of individual head mounted eye tracker