Supported by the Ergoneers marker technology the analysis of eye tracking data can be tremendously accelerated. It allows to calculate parameters such as number of glances, mean glance duration, total or average of all glances and many more on an AOI (area of interest). After finishing the recording the data can be analysed automatically by just clicking a few buttons.

Automated glance calculation with marker technology

Even if you want to run studies in a dark environment (driving simulator, indoor areas, driving at night) the same automated analysis can be applied thanks to infrared marker. Analyzing eye tracking data frame-by-frame becomes history, even when the studies have been run under difficult lighting conditions.


Ergoneers marker look like QR-codes. Recorded from the scene camera of the eye tracker they will be transmitted directly into D-Lab. Our Software Platform D-Lab perceives the marker in Realtime and shows the recognition in the live-view and recorded video. The marker build a coordinate system which can be used to bind AOIs to it. All metrics in relation to these AOIs can now be calculated automatically. To make sure this functionality also works with bad lighting conditions we developed the IR-Marker. The marker emit an infrared light that is invisible to the human eye and can be detected and analyzed accordingly by our software platform D-Lab. The IR-Markers can be used in the same way as our standard marker but also work at complete darkness.

Product Highlights

– Fully integrated into D-Lab data acquisition and analysis platform
– Perceptible speed boost by automatic calculation of gaze data
– Almost unlimited number of areas of interest (AOIs)
– For studies in dark environments
– Powered by power supply or by battery
– Contains fixing materials for the installation

Application examples

– Automatic analysis of Eye Tracking Studies
– Automatic calculation of more than 25 eye tracking metrics
– Studies for training purposes in simulated environments
– Real world studies at night
– Studies under difficult lighting conditions

Download technical data IR-Marker Flyer