Eye Tracking
Hardware Development Kit

Gaining new insights into gaze patterns of people who have to move in a complex environment and need to make quick decisions on further actions (e.g. athletes, pilots or security forces such as police or fire department).

Integration of Dikablis Eye Tracking Technology

The Dikablis Eye Tracking Hardware Development Kit (HDK) allows the integration of Dikablis eye tracking technology wherever space is too cramped to use a standard eye tracker. Due to the remarkably small size of the eye cameras, the HDK may be installed in helmets, head mounted displays, goggles but also in devices such as microscopes, rifle scopes, etc. This makes eye tracking possible in environments where it previously seemed to be impossible.

Product Highlights

– Fully integrated into D-Lab data acquisition and analysis platform
– Field camera resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixel
– Field camera frequency: 30 Hz, color
– Field camera aperture angle: 40° – 90°
– Eye camera tracking frequency(s): 60Hz, monochrom
– FullHD DVI Grabber (for VR)
– Modular system
– D-Lab Eye Tracking Head Mounted Essential included
– D-Lab Virtual Reality Essential included (for VR)

Product versions

The HDK is modularly structured, with components that can be flexibly adapted (e.g. cable length, stage of development, number and size of the eyes cameras). This modular concept allows numerous individual variants of integration. Are you looking for an effective and customized solution for your specific application in real and virtual environments? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Application examples

– Behavioural research in Virtual Reality
– Games testing
– Testing of virtual shelfes and virtual supermarkets
– Pilot training
– Sports research & sports psychology
– Medical research

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