Eye Tracking Remote

Use a Remote Eye Tracker with D-Lab Eye Tracking Remote to measure and analyze subjects` gaze behavior. Find out where they are looking at and what catches their attention. Simply connect your Remote Eye Tracker to D-Lab and you`ll get powerful metrics and meaningful visualizations right away to perfectly understand what drives your subjects gaze behavior.

Plan – Measure – Analyze
Group your participants during the planning phase into relevant categories. Observe live where they are looking at and visualize their gaze behavior and related pupil measures. Powerful charts provide all the necessary information for your analysis.


– Multi remote eye tracker support
– Run screen-based and real-world based studies
– Supports multiple scene cameras at a time
– EN ISO 15007 conforming measurement and analysis
– Access to all raw data

Product Features

D-Lab Eye Tracking Remote offers several key features:

Stand-alone module or sychronized with D-Lab Audio, CAN Bus, Data Stream, Head Tracking, ...
Recorded data available in raw format
Export of all raw data
Realtime data hub to all data via relay function
Automated analysis of glances towards Areas of Interest
Area of Interest based metrics aggregated across subjects
Visualizations such as single-/ multi-subject heat map, single-/ multi-subject shadow map, bee swarm
Multiple remote tracker support
Scripting language to build correlations to other channels or sensors

application examples

– Market Research
– Software Usability
– Website Usability
– Advertisement testing
– Ticket machine or info terminal testing
– Control Rooms
– Design Clinics
– Behavioral Studies
– Reading Science
– Communication Research
– Development Pschology
– Neuroscience
– Realtime Gaze Control

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