Business Partner

Ergoneers partners with leading technology firms to connect and integrate their sensors and equipment into the Measure and Analysis Platform D-Lab. This approach enables customers to use their existing hardware and software equipment and connect it plug&play to D-Lab.

IP-Cameras integrated in D-Lab including PTZ function

Physiology Logger and Sensors integrated in D-Lab

D-Lab runs best on Dell Laptop PCs

D-Lab supports physio sensors of Empatica

Car Information System to send road and traffic info to D-Lab

Neuroelectrics EEG system Enobio integrated in D-Lab

D-Lab can be linked to the Qualisys Motion Capturing system to display the gaze vector

Record and analyse driving simulator data from miniSim with D-LAB

D-Lab supports different Tobii remote eye tracker and eye tracking glasses

D-Lab supports different Thought Technology physio sensors

D-Lab can be linked to the Vicon Motion Capturing system to display the gaze vector

Driving simulation Software Silab that sends data directly via CAN or TCP/IP to D-Lab

Integration of the Full Body Motion Measurement System MVN Awinda in D-LAB