Real-World Eye Tracking

  • Adjustable frame for different head shapes and sizes
  • Works over glasses or even sun glasses
  • Automatic glance statistic calculation
  • Full mobility
  • Full HD scene video

How do people interact with their mobile device

People on the street, in the train, plane or even in the car interact with their mobile device intensively. They do this while walking, talking or some even while driving the car themselves. How much time do they spend to look at the display and – in terms of driving a car – how many seconds do they not look outside the window and ignore the traffic?


We use infrared light in our Eye Tracking systems to precisely track the pupil movement regardless if the participant wears glasses or – as it often happens in Real-World studies – sun glasses. The vertically adjustable field- or scence-cam allows that the participant can maintain his/her normal head holding behavior while looking at a mobile device and in parallel doing something else (e.g. walking or sitting in a car). With a quick calibration in our Software Platform D-Lab we bring the eye cam information and field video together and show where someone is looking at. Using our eye tracker together with our marker technology offers even more benefits. It is now possible to calculate all the glance statistic automatically by just pressing a few buttons.

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– Distraction calculation in cars
– Walking behavior assessment on pavements
– Smartphone App design
– Mobile Device interaction analysis
– Tablet usage evaluation

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