Eye Tracking
Head Mounted

The Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses combine monocular and binocular eye tracking with high measuring accuracy and standardized parameter calculation – even for people wearing glasses. As a result, they offer the ideal basis for studying human behavior in highly dynamic applications. Connect our head mounted eye tracker to the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform to capture and analyze gaze data in several ways.

High-precision Eye Tracking Technology

The ergonomic design, the adjustment options and the transfer of all available data in raw format make Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses the high-precision measuring device for gaze studies in the research and development practice.

Product Highlights

– Fully integrated into D-Lab data acquisition and analysis platform
– Comfortable, non-slip fit
– Full mobility for highly dynamic areas of application
– Easy to wear in combination with glasses
– Individual adjustment of the field and eye cameras
– Live Eye Tracking

Product versions

The Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses are available as Professional and Essential version. Please find key features of the different versions below.

Dikablis Feature Comparison Essential Professional
Monocular x -
Binocular - x
Wearable over glasses, shutter and polarized glasses x x
Live Video x x
Eye camera vertically and horizontally adjustable x x
Field camera vertically adjustable x x
Field camera 768 x 576 px x -
Field camera 1920 x 1080 px (Full HD) - x
Accuracy pupil tracking 0,1° x x
Accuracy pupil tracking 0,05° - x
Accuracy Glance direction 0,3° bis 0,5° x -
Accuracy Glance direction 0,1° bis 0,3° - x
Transmission via cable x x
Transmission via Wifi - x
Eye camera tracking frequency 50 Hz x -
Eye camera tracking frequency (s) 60 Hz - x
Field camera aperture angle 45°- 120° x -
Field camera aperture angle 40°- 90° - x
D-Lab Eye Tracking Head Mounted Essential incl. x x

Application examples

– Evaluation of driver information and assistance systems
– AAM and NHTSA studies
– Market Research
– Usability Studies
– Control Rooms
– Design Clinics
– Behavioral Studies
– Studies with Medical Devices
– Factory Planning
– Production Ergonomics
– Product Ergonomics
– Reading Science
– Sports Research & Sports Psychology
– Communication Research
– Development Psychology
– Neuroscience
– Analysis of Mobile Devices
– Human-Robot Interaction
– Realtime Gaze Control
– Flight Safety Research

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