Eye Tracking Head Mounted

Find out where participants are looking at by using D-Lab and a head mounted eye tracker. It allows you to precisely see and analyze automatically where a person is looking at. D-Lab Eye Tracking Head Mounted provides powerful visualizations and metrics to perfectly understand your subjects` pupil movement and gaze behavior.

Plan – Measure – Anlayze

Define how to visualize your subjects` gaze behavior (e.g. gaze video or heatmap) and observe live where your participants are looking at. D-Lab calculates the related metrics as well as visualizes their gaze behavior using powerful diagrams.


Product Highlights

– Automated analysis of glances towards Areas of Interest
– Quick and easy calibration (online and offline)
– Synchronization with Motion Capturing Systems
– Gaze control by realtime access to fixation coordinates of world coordinate system
– EN ISO 15007 conforming measurement and analysis

Product Features

D-Lab Eye Tracking Head Mounted offers several key features:

Stand-alone module or sychronized with D-Lab Audio, CAN Bus, Data Stream, Head Tracking, ...
Recorded data available in raw format
Eye and field videos available as stand-alone videos
Realtime data hub to relay data like x,y, pupilometry, gaze coordinates, etc.
Automated analysis of glances towards static and dynamics Areas of Interest
Saccade and fixation based metrics aggregated across subjects
Various visualisation options such as heat map, shadow map, gaze path, bee swarm
Access to pupilometry
Offline recalibration option
Realtime access to fixation coordinates
ICA (Index of Cognitive Activity) support
Scripting language to build correlations to other channels or sensors

application examples

– Evaluation of driver information and assistance systems
– AAM and NHTSA studies
– Market research
– Usability studies
– Control rooms
– Design clinics
– Behavioral studies
– Studies with medical devices
– Factory planning
– Production ergonomics
– Product ergonomics
– Reading science
– Sports research & sports psychology
– Military research
– Communication research
– Development psychology
– Neuroscience
– Analysis of mobile devices
– Human-robot interaction
– Realtime gaze control
– Flight safety research

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