If you want to observe a situation or a group of people to analyze their behavior, D-Lab Video is the right software for you. Simply connect your USB, PAL or even IP Cameras to D-Lab and all videos will be recorded synchronously. Live view of up to four Full HD cameras is possible and you can even operate your PTZ* cameras directly from D-Lab without a third party program.

Plan – Measure – Analyze
When you intend to do a study observing a person or a group of people D-Lab Video offers tools for the complete study circle. Define age, gender, experience etc while planning, receive data from different kind of video cams and record & analyze the video channels synchronously.

Product Highlights

– Live view
– Synchronous recording and playback of videos
– Supports up to full HD resolution videos
– Up to 4 Full HD cams in parallel
– Synchronous recording of multiple audio channels

Product features

D-Lab Video offers several key features:

D-LAB Video
Stand-alone module or sychronized with D-Lab Audio, CAN Bus, Data Stream, Eye Tracking, ...
Recorded data available in raw format
USB cameras
DVI signals
IP cameras, also with PTZ control (with ONVIF X interface and RTSP)
Coding scheme with behaviors and attributes
Task based analysis
Realtime commenting function
Export function
PTZ controlling from the software (for IP cameras)

application examples

– Analyse human behaviour from different angles
– Analyse animal behaviour from different angles
– Analyse group discussions
– Analyse common interactions, e.g. in developmental psychology
– Use blending mode with other data
– Playback synchronously with other data such as physio, eye tracking, etc.

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