Head Tracking

Understanding human behavior is essential to improve product functions, their interfaces and
look & feel. With our brand new D-Lab Head Tracking Module it is now possible to measure where someone positions his head and how the head is held on the body. The equipment needed is just a Dikablis Professional Eye Tracker plus the D-Lab Eye Tracking & Head Tracking Module.

Plan – Measure – Analyze

Based on our marker technology we measure the absolute position of the head in our coordinate system (x, y, z) and the three angles how the head is positioned on the body alpha (α), beta (β) , gamma (γ) These six values are available in real time or can be recorded synchronously with all the other sensors in D-Lab.

Tech Stuff

Based on the video image of the field camera from our Dikablis Professional Eye Tracker we can calculate the distance to a number of markers positioned in the front of the subject. Similar to a GPS system, D-Lab can now calculate the position of the head in our coordinate system. D-Lab can also calculate the angles of the head position on the body. All these values are returned directly. The information can be visualized online or used offline to calculate metrics in relation to other values such as Eye Tracking data or data from a TCP/IP source.


– No extra equipment needed, just Dikablis Professional
– No calibration needed
– Works with the Ergoneers marker system
– Online and Offline
– Values measured are x, y, z and α, β, γ

PRODUCT Features

D-LAB Head Tracking offers several key features:

Stand-alone module or sychronized with D-Lab Audio, CAN Bus, Data Stream, Eye Tracking, ...
Recorded data available in raw format
Realtime access to head position
Online calculation of head position and angles in coordinate system
Tracks x, y, z and α, β, γ
Realtime data hub to relay all data
Enhances eye tracking data by adding head position to glance behavior
Enhances eye tracking data by adding head position to glance behavior
Scripting language to build correlations to other channels or sensors


– Track head movement in eye tracking studies
– Evaluate eye-body coordination
– Ergonomic studies
– Robotic science
– Market research
– Usability studies
– Behavioral studies
– Studies with head/body movement
– Studies with limited space
– Product ergonomics
– Reading science
– Sports science
– Communication research
– Neuroscience
– Ergonomic workplace design
– Production ergonomics
– Analysis of mobile devices
– Realtime head tracking

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