Data Stream

If you need to record, visualize and analyze any kind of TCP/IP data D-Lab Data Stream is the perfect choice. D-Labs flexible and configurable TCP/IP interface allows synchronous recording of multiple data channels on different frequencies from nearly any kind of data source. The powerful and freely configurable diagrams and the integrated statistics function enable to visualize and precisely analyze the recorded data streams.

Plan – Measure – Analyze
Prepare your study by defining the different data sources that shall be recorded and how data should be visualize during the experiment. Visualize all data sources in realtime and replay all recorded data channels on numerous freely configurable diagrams.


– Flexible interface that allows to record different channels on different frequencies synchronously
– Realtime visualization of all recorded channels via configurable diagrams
– Relay function to forward defined values in realtime to another IP address in the network
– Integrated scripting language to calculate user defined values and metrics
– Build-in statistics to aggregate data over multiple subjects

Product Features

D-Lab Data Stream offers several key features:

Stand-alone module or sychronized with D-Lab Audio, CAN, Eye Tracking, Head Tracking, ...
Recorded data available in raw format
Realtime data hub to all data via relay function
TCP/IP compatible
Supports GPS receiver
Offline simulation function
Multiple TCP/IP connections
Task based analysis
Export function
Scripting language to build correlations to other channels or sensors

application examples

– Record data in driving/flight/train simulator experiments
– Connect any kind of measurement device or sensor to D-Lab
– Connect output data of any kind of machine or system to D-Lab
– Connect output data of software or applications to D-Lab
– Offline software/hardware in the loop tests with recorded data (using the relay function)

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