D-Lab Audio is the right choice to analyze and understand what subjects are saying. Simply connect up to 16 microphones to D-Lab and all microphones will be recorded synchronously as separate audio channels. D-Lab Audio is often used in Think Aloud Studies, Cognitive Walkthroughs or Focus Groups.

Plan – Measure – Analyze
Prepare your study by defining what audio source you want to record. Listen in realtime what subjects are saying and replay all recorded audio channels either all together or selected ones to analyze and understand the background noise or what subjects said.


– All channels are stored in separate audio files
– Playback for selectable channels
– Audio can be visualized in amplitude charts
– Precisely transcribe and analyze using the integrated note function
– Create your individual coding scheme

PRODUCT Features

D-Lab Audio offers several key features:

Stand-alone module or sychronized with D-Lab CAN, Data Stream, Eye Tracking, Head Tracking, ...
Recorded data available in raw format
Records of up to 16 microphones
Coding scheme with attributes
Useful for audio recording or think aloud studies
Retrospective think aloud feature
Synchronous replay of all audio channels
Amplitude charts
Transcription function

application examples

– Concurrent think aloud
– Retrospective think aloud
– Group discussions
– Cognitive walkthrough
– Subject´s comments
– Experimental leader comments

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