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Software-supported behavioral research for business and academic customers

With the appropriate software and hardware solutions, we help to understand human behavior. Dynamic industries in particular, such as the automotive and retail industries, research institutes or, more generally, modern market research benefit from our products.


Our software platform D-Lab ensures synchronous recording and analysis of audio, CAN Bus, DataStream, eye tracking, physio and video data.


Eye Tracker for real and virtual applications, Vehicle Testing kit for studies in cars and other hardware lab solutions.

Third Party

Third party equipment and software to fulfill your needs for any kind of behavioral study.


Market Research / UX
Biomechanics / Sports

Increase the impact of your research with D-Lab software platform

D-Lab supports integrated data acquisition for an almost unlimited number of channels such as Audio, CAN-Bus, DataStream (TCP/IP), Eye Tracking, Physiological data and Videos. D-Lab synchronously records all connected data channels and comes with a set of comprehensive tools for automatic analysis. The recorded and analyzed data is also available as raw data and is easy to export. With D-Lab, data analysis is faster and researchers get a holistic view to human behavior.

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Eye tracking systems and other powerful hardware for real insights

The Dikablis eye tracking system is one of Ergoneers’ key products. Dikablis offers the highest level of eye tracking for user and behavioral studies. Provided by a flexible frame, the head mounted eye tracker can be worn over normal glasses, sunglasses or shutter glasses. The scene camera delivers recordings in full HD quality. Dikablis delivers the measured data in the highest resolution to Ergoneers’ universal software platform for behavior analysis – D-Lab.

For behavioral research in vehicles or driving simulators Ergoneers provides the Vehicle Testing Kit. The comprehensive but compact set turns a car into a mobile lab and allows data logging at various levels. Standard connectivity ports to synchronously record driver performance and vehicle data like CAN-Bus, Physiological Data, Video or Eye Tracking are located at the front of the VTK for easy access. All data can be analyzed with D-Lab, our standard software platform for behavioral research. With the VTK it is easy and effective to benchmark vehicles or run HMI-Tests.

“Dikablis Glasses can support various kinds of studies about mobile phone reading. The great accuracy, marker technology and the adjustable scene camera are the high-lights of the glasses. Ergoneers never stopped promoting the properties of products to insure the leading position in ergonomic research areas.“

Hou Guanhua, Teacher at Tongji University Shanghai, China

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Easily observe and analyze data of third party products

In addition to our own hardware, Ergoneers offers connectivity to third party sensors such as wearable and remote eye trackers, video cameras or physiological sensors. For the highest level of flexibility, the software platform D-Lab maintains that all data channels are recorded synchronously and benefit from the broad analysis modules. Building relations between different sensors or finding specific situation during recordings requires just a few clicks.