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The new Dikablis Professional combines flexibility, maximum wearing comfort, slip resistance and high measuring accuracy. This makes them your number 1 choice for use in mobile eye-tracking research, for example in ergonomics and usability, sports, market research and in a number of other applications.

If You need Precision
Dikablis Professional can be easily worn over normal eyeglasses, as well as shutter, polarized and many virtual reality glasses. They fit perfectly and barely alter your field of view. This makes Dikablis Professional ideal for longer studies, especially those which are highly dynamic such as sporting environments, moving vehicles, field operational tests and other dynamic applications.

New Dikablis Professional:

  • Full HD scene cam
  • Tracking frequency of 60 Hz (binocular and monocular)
  • Wearable over glasses
  • Designed to be none intrusive

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