Eye Tracking

In addition to our Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses, Ergoneers also offers connectivity for wearable and remote eye trackers of technology partners to the D-Lab data acquisition and analysis software by plug & play.

Head Mounted and Remote Eye Trackers

D-Lab 3.5 software platform for behavioral research enables the use of the following eye trackers:

Product highlights

- Fully integrated into D-Lab data acquisition and analysis platform
- Automatically analysis of eye tracking data based on our marker technology
- Integration of data from different data sources (video, physio, CAN and network data)

Application examples

- Market research
- Evaluation of interactive applications
- Software usability
- Website usability
- Advertisement testing
- Ticket machine or info terminal testing
- Tests of self-service kiosks
- Control rooms
- Design clinics
- Behavioral studies
- Research on reading comprehension
- Communication research
- Development pschology
- Neuroscience research
- Realtime gaze control